I am a multi-disciplined designer living and working out of Cape Town, South Africa.

I enjoy a challenge. 

Been doing this since the year 2000.

I love me some old cars.

Recovering sneaker enthusiast.

Dad to Stella. Husband to Sarah. 


Art Direction. Graphic Design. Web Design. Creative Direction. Spacial/Environmental Design. 

I'm sure you get the idea already ...

Basically I have been in and around the 'design' industry for close on to a decade and a half and have worked across the board. I have even owned a clothing label somewhere in between.

What I enjoy most is a challenge.

So no matter what you problem is, I am sure I can help you find a solution ... if I can't I sure as hell will know who can.



Reza Khota /

Album Cover Design

Art Direction

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Ice Models



Brand Revitalisation & Consolidation

New CI, Web Design, UX, UI, Graphic Design

08 Media Productions

 Wed Design, UX, UI and Build

Know Your City

Campaign Concept and Design

Graphic Design


Annual Report

2Bop Apparel

Graphic Design, Clothing Design, Textile Design, Web Design, Creative Direction, Art Direction, Photography


P - +27 82 4978421

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Steal of my shit and I will end you bro!